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The style and design has to be uniquely Govindji’s

The beauty of a pair of 22K White Gold Diamond Bangles



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Govindji's Style

The diamonds on any Govindji's jewelry are hand-selected by a diamond expert in India, whose only job is to sort perfectly cut diamonds from those that are not. The difference is superlative brilliance and optimal scintillation in every diamond. He doesn't stop there; besides the 'excellent' to a 'very good' cut grade we require, clarity and color is also scrutinized. At Govindji's, all our diamonds in any jewelry piece is guaranteed to have a color grade from "D" to "I" (colorless to near-colorless), and a 'Flawless to VS1' clarity grade. This rigid standard represents the top tier of the whole GIA grading scale.

The quest for perfection does not end by using superior grade diamonds in all our jewelry that we design; the craftsmanship has to follow through as well. Only the most skilled jewelry artisans can achieve the standard of workmanship we will accept.

Finally, the style and design has to be uniquely 'Govindji's', only then, will our name be laser-inscribed on the jewelry.

Govindji’s mission statement consists of five segments, all with equal emphasis:

To provide a shopping environment that optimally enhances the experience of shopping. This is achieved through providing a high level of guest hospitality in an elegant, friendly, high-luxury setting.

Providing the highest level of product quality and also providing a full depth of product selection, surpassing all competitors.

Adhering to the highest ethical standard in conducting business.

A fixed pricing policy by providing the most competitive price upfront.

Promoting the Govindji’s name by always adhering to these values.

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