Considering the evolution of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), we are committed to doing our part in the fight against the spread of the virus and minimizing the risk of transmission for our team, customers, and community. We are closely monitoring the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and local health authorities’ guidelines and are implementing the measures to promote a safe and healthy environment.

We have implemented the following measures in our store:

  • Masks and daily health screenings are mandatory for our Associates. Anyone with a fever, cold or flu-like symptoms is required to stay home.
  • Sanitizing jewelry, countertops, and other surfaces after every interaction.
  • Associates to wash and/or sanitize their hands frequently.
  • Deep cleaning and sanitizing the common areas on daily basis.

We ask our customers to:

  • Always wear a protective mask while in store. We will be happy to provide one if needed.
  • Keep 6 feet distance between you and others.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently.
  • Not to visit our store if you have a fever, cold or flu-like symptoms.


For our customers that can’t come to the showroom and would like to shop virtually, we can do FaceTime / WhatsApp video call to showcase our items that are of interest. Please call (972) 231-6776 during regular business hours for a virtual shopping experience.

Virtual Shopping

For our customers that can’t come to the showroom and would like to shop virtually, we can do FaceTime / WhatsApp video call to showcase our items that are of interest. Please call (972) 231-6776 during regular business hours for a virtual shopping experience.


A Pearl Story

A gift of nature, pearls are among the world's oldest and most cherished treasures. The pearl endures as a legendary symbol of love, purity, wealth, magic and good fortune. As traditional gifts of love, pearls are an elegant way to celebrate life's most memorable occasions.

Govindji's Pearls

Govindji's pearls are appreciated for their exceptional quality and lasting beauty. A Govindji's pearl glows with breathtaking beauty and shines with exceptional quality. Every pearl within a strand is uniformly matched, hand-strung on knotted silk, and finished with a gold signature clasp. A timeless gift of classic style and elegance, Govindji's pearls are the finest grade of cultured pearls available, unsurpassed for heavy nacre, high luster, surface perfection and spherical shape, standards met by only the top tier of all cultured pearls harvested.

Appreciating A Pearl


A crystalline substance that coats the mantle or nucleus within the oyster to form a pearl. The value and quality of cultured pearls are determined by their size, shape, surface, condition, color, and luster.


A cultured pearl's size depends on the size of the nucleus implanted in the oyster and the thickness of the nacre.


The more symmetrical the pearl, the more valuable it is. Although rarely perfect spheres, most cultured pearls are round. Asymmetrical pearls are referred to as "baroque."


Tiny surface marks are seen as a hallmark of nature, and proof of the pearl's authenticity. While a pearl's surface is not perfect, the imperfections should be minimal. The higher quality the pearl, the fewer and smaller the imperfections.


The classic and ever-popular white cultured pearl often displays hues of cream, grey, brown, green and silver. Pearls are also available in other natural colors such as black, blue, golden, pink and purple. Whatever the shade, fine pearls have both a body color and an overtone that creates their unique inner glow.


Luster is what gives pearls their luminous beauty, and is the key to evaluating pearls of equal size and shape. A combination of surface brilliance and a deep underlying glow, the luster of high quality pearls reveals a sharp reflection of light on the pearl's surface.

Pearls Of The World

South Sea

Considered one of the more exclusive of all cultured pearl varieties, South Sea pearls are known for their extraordinary size and satiny lustre. South Sea pearls can show a spectrum of colors due to several natural causes. Layers of organic matter deposited between translucent layers of nacre result in surface colors that range from golden, silver, pale blue to silky grey. Due to their rarity, South Sea pearls command premium prices.

South Sea Golden

Large, golden-hued cultured pearls from large oysters found in the South Seas which range in size from 9 to 18mm.

South Sea Baroque

Irregularly shaped pearls with protrusions and ridges.


Pearls that may form naturally beside cultivated pearls in the same oyster.


Unique naturally black cultured pearls which from in black-lipped oysters. Generally these pearls come from Tahiti and are available in grey, brown, blue, green, and purple hues.


Round and usually very white cultured pearls from the islands of Japan.


Half-spheres cultured against the inside shell of an oyster, usually white in color.


Pearls that are cultivated without a nucleus in freshwater lakes and streams. These pearls, in a variety of natural colors and shapes, are produced primarily in Japan and China.


A mantle inserted into rare species of mussels produces naturally colored freshwater pearls ranging in size from 9 to 15mm. Often baroque in shape, these pearls are generally pastel shades of pink, purple or cream.